A Brother’s Wish to Stop Cyber Bullying

In families, we see each others’ pain and sometimes we can’t do anything about it accept making a wish. Here is a touchy episode from a family with a single mom and two twin kids. She asks her kids to write a letter to Santa a little early so that perhaps she can learn in advance what they’re wishing for.

The little boy didn’t want something for himself but for her sister. He wanted the unfair cyber bullying to end which other kids inflicted on her and he was even ready to be bullied himself instead of his sister! This would be a little too much for a small boy however this is exactly what a parent would say or do anytime that they would take all the sadness and unhealthy things from their kid’s lives as their own.

The little girl hugged and kissed her brother and even got to meet her favorite music band! It is hard to expect that a beautiful young little girl is called names and could think of committing suicide to stop the bullying. Most parents feel the pain of their children when they are mistreated at the hands of a group of girls or boys ganging up on their children.

The fact it hurts so much because we expect good behavior and when someone calls us stupid or ugly that feels deteriorating. The elders understand their worth however kids are too naïve, innocent, and soft that all this cyber bullying needs proper monitoring so that its damaging effects are reduced.

It is good news that parents don’t have to feel helpless as they can know who is saying what to their kids. The need to know what is being said and who is saying as that plays a pivotal role in ‘Parents’ being able to take action. We have to stand up to cyber bullying and make sure our kids never lose themselves into the darkness of cyber bullying.

There are apps and programs that can monitor complete phone activities like Mobile Spy. The Mobile Spy software comes with an optional live panel that brings parents to a LIVE screen, remote SMS commands and option to record phone surroundings. The app logs mobile texts, chats, websites surfed, games played, photos/videos taken and much more. Having the ability to have details on their social media feet and comments of others will go a long way in keeping them secure. Not to mention in case your child is a bully himself or herself it is wise to sit down with them and make them understand that bullying is not what people do to others! They need to be guided to be caring and affectionate just what they expect from others.

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Monitoring, it’s all in your ‘Purpose’

We all have our ‘takes’ on everything, in fact some people believe in asking others about their views on matters concerning them. Last time I replied to a fellow friend’s Facebook question, when he asked if he should go ahead with a Windows or an Android phone. Literally after a few days, when he stated, it is at last an Android; I was surprised because he did mention that he needed a change! Well the decision was after all his and he took it.

For or Against Monitoring

I read an article, where a law student spied on himself (as he could be prosecuted if he chooses to spy on other adults without their permission) in an experiment to see how easy and inexpensive it is to spy on available Wi-Fi just using a box he assembled at $57. He said anyone can be tracked if they are using an iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet even if they are using Wi-Fi or not and even when they are using a secured VPN (virtual private network) connection.

So it is happening anyway, wouldn’t it be better that the right people are doing the spying or should I say monitoring kids/teens and employees. Employers need to know at all times how employees are using company owned devices and children are a responsibility of their parents. Older parents and young adults can get into trouble, that is also a big reason why knowing where they are using the phone GPS is so important. The trouble of theft is no brainer; it is there the moment we are out of our secured homes! Having mobile monitoring software like Mobile Spy gives a person the remote access and they can wipe data and take back up their mobile phone data.

Fear Factor or Being Complacent

There is a need to have a balance of both. If you are too complacent, somebody might also call you unreasonable. If you’re too psyched to think that the bad will definitely happen, then maybe one is too fearful. The need to monitor is neither of the too however it is too be prepared through awareness of vital details of your loved ones. What kids are doing online, who they friend or chat and much more. To have access to such information is important when there are emergencies.

Imagine your child has been upset and downright arrogant who refuses to communicate. Wouldn’t you want to know what is troubling your child? Monitoring stealthily and silently (that way you can keep peace in the house) can bring up small or big issues causing concern for the child. The Internet is a big distraction and removing some of that distraction is also necessary. With all the logs of the websites, apps, emails, chats, photos and videos parents can learn how they are spending their time online. The online social networking is full of cyber bullying denizens and online pedophiles that not knowing can actually become very damaging.

Restoration VS. Punishment

An employer can’t be easy on company rules and regulations. There are rules that one has to follow or management can be termed ineffective.  Parents on the other end are biased towards their children because they know kids are learning however the state laws are not. If a child is found to posses or has been sending pornographic images, they will be prosecuted under the law.

If a teen is caught drunk, they will be facing trouble and even may not have a clear record in the future. There are only a few states opting to restoration justice like the states of Colorado and Washington. There are many groups working towards minding the online channels will Twitter, Facebook and Google on how others are using these platform, it is no wrong that parents and employers need to balance out information using a monitoring app like Mobile Spy and this way start a circle of becoming responsive to family needs.

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Monitor Kids for an Organized Access of Internet

Things are much cluttered these days aren’t they? From our thoughts that get cluttered with too many things happening around at one time, to using social media indiscriminately, to our shelf and cupboards that are more than cluttered then what they used to be. Clutter is the new buzz word online too, as there are millions of things folks are doing, selling, marketing and billions of people trying to connect with one another.

It’s more like the Deep Sea

The internet particularly is too deep. Our kids always find it difficult to find the information they are looking for like study material, best social media sites according to their age, chat apps that rather make them think that sending inappropriate photos is untraceable in the name of Snap Chat. It is necessary for the million reasons that can’t be discussed in one post here and other future reasons that will be discovered later, that parents and employers must monitor their kids and employers for a simple reason of boosting your ‘security’ needs.

Now Apps that Help Man through this disarray

Recently in news, there was discussion and reasoning on whey despite Apple having 1 million apps, only a very small % of apps get installed or used. There is a company that has also manufactured an app, which will help the people to find out more within Apple’s vast stock of apps. It is OttoCat which uses language analysis to categorize the entire Apple app store. With Apple’s only 23 categories and top 100 apps from every category only making up to 0.5% of their total inventory, OttoCat has created some additional 10 sub categories for each major category. You see the math and realize how difficult it is to find the right information online and land at useful apps on the internet.

Are you buying a new Smartphone/Tablet?

Well I know I don’t have any business in it, if somebody is buying a new smartphone or tablet, however since it is already a new beginning of a gadget’s life so it is recommended that smartphone owners installed a forward thinking application that can monitor activities on the devices. In case one is giving cell phone or Android tablet or iPad to employers or teens, the need to record and log their activities can’t be undermined. Here is where Mobile Spy software can do the task of tracking phone activities like calls, website surfing, emailing, chatting, texting, IM, application use, photos, videos and track their GPS details.

Mobile Spy as a Good Investment that Pays off

Here is how Mobile spy monitoring software does pay off beyond its price tag. It doesn’t the monitoring in simple and lucid language and never interferes with the real functioning of the phone/tablet. Kids using their phone and employees working on their tablets wouldn’t come to know of it, as it runs silently. With the upgraded features of Mobile Spy v8.0, parents can even click photos from the phone camera and also record surround sound around their targeted users. Indeed Mobile Spy is the best you can get for your tracking needs, hands down!

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Online Becoming More ‘Social’; Thats All We Need

Its interesting how the online world was ten years ago and even twenty years ago. It was not about the term we hear so often social media or social networking. We had the internet in the form of the whole web instead of just Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Twitter, Yahoo, Instagram or Snapchat apps. Still wondering what my point is? Well I am getting to the problem of narrowing our current understanding and use of the ‘Web’ that is available to be used.

Earlier it was the World Wide Web as a whole and all communication online was to be done using that platform instead of embedded links and marketing advertisements on Facebook or our Gmail accounts. There is nothing wrong with making use of some advertisements and clicking on those links that link us to the services and products we need. The problem is our constant limiting ourselves to only using the social media today. Here are a few examples how connected we are becoming:

  • Xbox going all ‘digital’: Now the new Xbox will be a no disc version and all games will be available on the cloud. They can be accessed from a browser and shared online instead of being limiting on a disc. We need to fasten our seat belts as this will soon be the norm all around.
  • Facebook ‘#hashtag’ a change already common: #hashtag is already adopted by Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. On Facebook #hashtags would be formed into groups and click able so that others on the site can also find similar content of interest.
  • Apple’s iRadio streaming: As there are already many companies providing teens and young children with streaming of their favorite music online, Apple has also followed suit, even though a bit late. We see more and more dependency on services like these and this remains to be the future that people want to access everything from anywhere online.

The Flip Side of it and the Need for Internet & Computer Monitoring

As we learn that the internet is not safe today with problems of intellectual theft, cyber-bullying, and online predators, Facebook stalking is becoming common that teens’ parents can make a choice of safety over anonymity of dangers lurking around. One of the ways is to start monitoring teens and employees Mac for which they can use is AceSpy Mac for Mac computers. The tracking software has a complete and un-compromised list of surveillance and monitoring features.

AceSpy Mac by Retina-X Studios will record and log user keystrokes, system screenshots, emails, chat transcripts, photos and videos, apps installed and opened on the Mac, and pasteboard activity of what they are copying and pasting. The best is that it is extremely simple to use and quick to install. Another great feature is it is superbly stealth in nature so that covert monitoring can take place and real intent of users can be found. The administrator can also send all logs to their email address and also see if at all employees are using any external cards/pen drives to copy company IP. Be best prepared for all kids and employee’s online ‘social and ‘unobjectionable’ activities with this great program.

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Technology Making it Easy just like Monitoring Software

Well the fact that people are not sitting and doing nothing versus they are constantly upgrading and evolving has become quite the norm with many technologists today. Big names on the internet like Google have been upgrading too and they have recently introduced a couple of new features for Google+ and so have a few other companies trying to make sure that you have their attention.

Google+ With Their Innovations

Be it teens or adults, both have immense love for photos and images today and Google is saying that they can help us in finding the best images from a whole lot of many photos in a jiffy for us. They can do this with the help of their software which they call their machine learning algorithm that will find out blurry images, duplicate ones, popular landmarks, images with bad exposure, images where people are smiling or not in the photo. Find out who is in the photo and the algorithm will automatically pick the people in the family and who have affinity with the person in question and lastly not to forget it would also have the aesthetics as the algorithm has picked up human taste over its years.

They have also come up with another of their new features that can be called as hands free. With it one can just tell Google to search whatever one wants and it will find the information without one touching or typing the information. They say that Google has figured out the 1 billion searches that take place on its servers each day and 85% of them are a not unique. These innovations tell us that technology is a thing that will only amaze us in the present and future.

Wearable Technology

You must have definitely heard about the wearable technology that is becoming part of lifestyle electronic stores (online) in the country. Sports enthusiasts now have the chance to wear gadgets that are embedded in their shirts and jerseys that provide them information of the miles they have run or even gadgets that tell people about their health status. Another one that I read was of headsets that can read brain signals and actually figure out what songs one would want to hear. The immense scope that we have in electronic science has the ability to really boost lives and it is important that we learn to use it wisely and carefully.

SecretBook in Google Chrome

Not every innovation is in our best interest just like the one called Secretbook plug-in as it allows one to send encrypted messages to others on Facebook (using photos) and that in one way is a good option. However for young children it could mean they would start to believe they can message others on photos and no one would find anything. Just like the popular teen photo apps called Snapchat has become a sexting app, which had raised many parental eyebrows. Here we don’t need to lose hope as another technology product is at our rescue by the name SniperSpy Mac monitoring software to record and log Mac activities in real time. View and log all websites, emails, chats, apps, keystrokes, GPS locations, files and folder changes and much more to ensure technology benefits never wear out for your kids and family.

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