Online Becoming More ‘Social’; Thats All We Need

Its interesting how the online world was ten years ago and even twenty years ago. It was not about the term we hear so often social media or social networking. We had the internet in the form of the whole web instead of just Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Twitter, Yahoo, Instagram or Snapchat apps. Still wondering what my point is? Well I am getting to the problem of narrowing our current understanding and use of the ‘Web’ that is available to be used.

Earlier it was the World Wide Web as a whole and all communication online was to be done using that platform instead of embedded links and marketing advertisements on Facebook or our Gmail accounts. There is nothing wrong with making use of some advertisements and clicking on those links that link us to the services and products we need. The problem is our constant limiting ourselves to only using the social media today. Here are a few examples how connected we are becoming:

  • Xbox going all ‘digital’: Now the new Xbox will be a no disc version and all games will be available on the cloud. They can be accessed from a browser and shared online instead of being limiting on a disc. We need to fasten our seat belts as this will soon be the norm all around.
  • Facebook ‘#hashtag’ a change already common: #hashtag is already adopted by Google+, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. On Facebook #hashtags would be formed into groups and click able so that others on the site can also find similar content of interest.
  • Apple’s iRadio streaming: As there are already many companies providing teens and young children with streaming of their favorite music online, Apple has also followed suit, even though a bit late. We see more and more dependency on services like these and this remains to be the future that people want to access everything from anywhere online.

The Flip Side of it and the Need for Internet & Computer Monitoring

As we learn that the internet is not safe today with problems of intellectual theft, cyber-bullying, and online predators, Facebook stalking is becoming common that teens’ parents can make a choice of safety over anonymity of dangers lurking around. One of the ways is to start monitoring teens and employees Mac for which they can use is AceSpy Mac for Mac computers. The tracking software has a complete and un-compromised list of surveillance and monitoring features.

AceSpy Mac by Retina-X Studios will record and log user keystrokes, system screenshots, emails, chat transcripts, photos and videos, apps installed and opened on the Mac, and pasteboard activity of what they are copying and pasting. The best is that it is extremely simple to use and quick to install. Another great feature is it is superbly stealth in nature so that covert monitoring can take place and real intent of users can be found. The administrator can also send all logs to their email address and also see if at all employees are using any external cards/pen drives to copy company IP. Be best prepared for all kids and employee’s online ‘social and ‘unobjectionable’ activities with this great program.

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