A Brother’s Wish to Stop Cyber Bullying

In families, we see each others’ pain and sometimes we can’t do anything about it accept making a wish. Here is a touchy episode from a family with a single mom and two twin kids. She asks her kids to write a letter to Santa a little early so that perhaps she can learn in advance what they’re wishing for.

The little boy didn’t want something for himself but for her sister. He wanted the unfair cyber bullying to end which other kids inflicted on her and he was even ready to be bullied himself instead of his sister! This would be a little too much for a small boy however this is exactly what a parent would say or do anytime that they would take all the sadness and unhealthy things from their kid’s lives as their own.

The little girl hugged and kissed her brother and even got to meet her favorite music band! It is hard to expect that a beautiful young little girl is called names and could think of committing suicide to stop the bullying. Most parents feel the pain of their children when they are mistreated at the hands of a group of girls or boys ganging up on their children.

The fact it hurts so much because we expect good behavior and when someone calls us stupid or ugly that feels deteriorating. The elders understand their worth however kids are too naïve, innocent, and soft that all this cyber bullying needs proper monitoring so that its damaging effects are reduced.

It is good news that parents don’t have to feel helpless as they can know who is saying what to their kids. The need to know what is being said and who is saying as that plays a pivotal role in ‘Parents’ being able to take action. We have to stand up to cyber bullying and make sure our kids never lose themselves into the darkness of cyber bullying.

There are apps and programs that can monitor complete phone activities like Mobile Spy. The Mobile Spy software comes with an optional live panel that brings parents to a LIVE screen, remote SMS commands and option to record phone surroundings. The app logs mobile texts, chats, websites surfed, games played, photos/videos taken and much more. Having the ability to have details on their social media feet and comments of others will go a long way in keeping them secure. Not to mention in case your child is a bully himself or herself it is wise to sit down with them and make them understand that bullying is not what people do to others! They need to be guided to be caring and affectionate just what they expect from others.

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